About Me

I'm an anti-sadist (just think of sadistic tendencies... I'm the polar opposite). I love long walks on the beach, jamming to depressing music, and kicking back with a glass of finely aged scotch. As you can see, I'm a big movie fan... like really big, I'm like a living breathing IMDB. I also have an eclectic taste in music, and I like to read...sometimes. I'm a big fan of Comic Books; its fun to have debates like who would win in a fight Superman or The Hulk (sorry, I'm a big nerd). I am currently working for the University of Science and Technology of China as a conversation facilitator with graduate students. I graduated from Butler University with a combined major in Philosophy and Psychology and minored in Chinese language. Before I graduated from Butler I spent time in China intensively studying Chinese culture and language. I was a staff writer and photographer for Pike High School Yearbook, Taught English in Summer of 2006 at Shenzhen Foreign Language School , I have 13 years of voice training for singing and speech through participation in various choirs and as a soloist

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Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis
Seeing What We See
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