Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Super Trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man is coming soon in 3D, July 4th weekend. To get us pumped up, Sony is putting a lot of work into the ad campaign. At the midnight premiere of The Avengers a 3D trailer for the movie appeared. It gave us a small glimpse at the humorous side of Peter Parker; not to mention it gave us our best look so far at the villain of the movie, Dr. Kurt Conners aka The Lizard.

This week during the premiere of America's Got Talent we got a longer look at the movie... with an appearance from C. Thomas Howell. I've heard a lot about the retelling of the origin and how oddly human The Lizard looks, but I have to say I'm really excited for this movie... As much as I was looking forward to seeing Dylan Baker, who played Conners in two of the previous Spider-Man movies, I think Rhys Ifans will kick some serious butt.  I can ignore a lot of things, I'm still trying to wash the awful taste out of my mouth that was Peter Parker Cries with Everyone He Meets (Spider-Man 3) 

Can you imagine what a piece of crap a movie would have been if C. Thomas Howell played Spider-Man back in the 80's.

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