Monday, March 26, 2012

John Cena, The Rock, and Miss Piggy - Never Before and Never Again

This sunday is Wrestlemania 28, and the big match of the night is John Cena vs The Rock, one of those Icon vs Icon matches. Well, my buddy Ewzzy made this video to celebrate to momentous occasion. Set to Miss Piggy's Never Before and Never Again, this is a montage of footage leading to the main event of the 'grandest spectacle of them all.'

DOCTOR WHO New Season Teaser Trailer


Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day, Punk Rock Night!

Last night was St. Patrick's Day and in support of one of my coworkers I went to watch his band The Founders at The Melody Inn's Punk Rock Night. Also there was another local Indy band Goliathon. Both bands were amazing and there was even a burlesque show in between acts featuring local girls, dancing for charity. Let's just say I was more impressed by the bands. You should definitely give them both a listen.

Every Saturday Night at the Melody Inn is Punk Rock Night!:

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Bring in Spring with Belles and Sirens – March 24th :: Naptown Roller Girls :: Indianapolis Flat-Track Roller Derby

Bring in Spring with Belles and Sirens – March 24th :: Naptown Roller Girls :: Indianapolis Flat-Track Roller Derby:

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New Trailer - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Old Spice POWER

One of my favorite youtube videos has to be Terry Crews' Old Spice commercials, well now there's a second set of commercials for Old Spice's deodorant body spray.

These are pretty funny, but they don't match the lunacy of the original commercials.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Avengers - Japanese Trailer

So we've settled into the age where everybody gets some exclusive nugget that other people will have to wait to get. It can be buy one get one free shoes or exclusive downloadable maps for video games. Japan has gotten a hold of a few extra clips of the Avengers in action... we get a brief look at Maria Hill, the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, and Thor facing off with horned-helmet Loki. Looks it's going to be a fun ride.

May 3rd AMC theaters is doing an all-day marathon starting with Iron Man and ending with The Avengers in 3D at midnight... And I will be there.

Prometheus Official Trailer

So I just posted the Imax teaser trailer for Prometheus earlier today. And I must say the little snip-its definitely made me excited. Well, the full length trailer finally came out today, giving us better idea of what the movie's about.

Leading up to the trailer release 20th Century Fox had already started a viral marketing campaign on the web which included some interesting videos, one an advertisement for an android David 8 and the other being a video of Peter Weyland from a future TED conference.

My mother's birthday is June 8th, I hope she'll understand if I want to see this the night it premieres. 

Prometheus - Teaser Trailer

I can't wait to see this movie...