Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Did Community's Christmas Save the Show?

So the last episode of Community on NBC's came on last Thursday and took a swipe at musical episodes. It was obvious that the show was making fun of Glee, as well as holiday themed episodes. Community has gotten really good at lampooning popular culture, as well as lampoon tv elements that have become commonplace (bottle episodes, mockumentary style single-camera comedies, and now musical themed episodes.)  The question I guess is was this episode funny enough to save Community?

The dialog was as witty and goofy as ever, and the musical numbers were funny and satirical. For instance Annie, the Jewish member of the study group, dresses up as a scantly-clad Santa Claus to seduce Jeff into joining the Glee Club.

Troy the resident Jehovah's Witness, unable to celebrate Christmas because of religious belief raps out a plan to infiltrate Christmas.

I really hope Community get's a reprieve, it is one of the funniest shows on television; they are doing avant-garde jokes that may go over some people's heads, while other show remain content low balling it in with dick and fart jokes. The past few years have been odd when it comes to television. Some shows are allowed to flourish while it's obvious they've lost their edge, other shows are cancelled before they are able to find their legs. I'm surprised the show has lasted this long but I honestly believe it could go for six seasons or more, like The Office or 30 Rock, if NBC allows them too.

Just cancel Whitney already... it's not even that good.

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