Friday, October 7, 2011

Corn Mazing

This weekend I went on a try to Lafayette, IN to a massive cornfield maze. Exploration Aches featured Halloween themed mazes like a spider web, a tombstone, and my favorite the horsemen an jack o'lantern. The maze had an underlining quest, featuing 25 hidden points throughout the mazes. The sun set around 7:45/8ish so we had to navigate in the dark, thankfully I had my trusty Maglite (I like to call it the Rodney King Special.)
Each spot had a hole-puncher and for each punch you were rewarded with a coupon for 25 different places in West Lafayette including Purdue's bookstore. Sure I live in Indy, but I'm a completist. Me and a few friends were able to find every destination in the maze in about 4 hours.

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