Sunday, September 4, 2011

The F@#$ing Short Version

One of my favorite shows from the UK is The Thick of It. BBC America is trying to bring it over to the states in their new British comedy block. The Thick of It follows the same sort of style that Ricky Gervais put into The Office, replacing the paper company with the dealings of the British Parliament. This post watershed series has very strong language; but if you like that sort of thing you get a kick out of the lead character Malcolm Tucker. Played by Peter Capaldi, Malcolm Tucker has to wheel and deal when the idiots at the fictional Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship (DoCac) make mistakes or gaffs that could look bad for the sitting Prime Minister. The so-called King of Spin swears a lot, makes a lot of threats, when he swoops in to right the P.R. storm. 

My favorite youtube compilations are F@#$ing Short Versions of movies. Here are some of my favorites, including two featuring Malcom Tucker.

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