Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Movie Badass Madness - Icon Vs Icon

Let's get the big one out of the way first. Who's the bigger badass, Arnie or Sly?

Lets go to through the numbers, here are the ten movies I picked from Rotten Tomatoes for Arnie and Sly


  1. The Expendables - 41
  2. First Blood - 86
  3. Rocky - 93
  4. Rocky II - 71
  5. Demolition Man - 63
  6. Get Carter - 12
  7. Cop Land - 71
  8. Cliffhanger - 82
  9. Cobra - 07
  10. Tango and Cash - 39

Score out of 1000 - 565 56.5%


  1. Terminator - 100
  2. Collateral Damage - 18
  3. True Lies - 69
  4. Total Recall - 81
  5. Predator - 76
  6. Commando - 69
  7. The Running Man - 63
  8. Conan the Barbarian - 76
  9. Kindergarten Cop - 52
  10. Last Action Hero - 38

Score out of 1000 - 642  64.2%

On movies alone, Arnold is in the lead, he has more hits than Sly, including two science fiction classics The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. On the other hand, Sly did give us Rambo and Rocky two iconic characters. Some people may say they overstayed their welcome, Rocky spawning five sequels include Rocky V, where Rocky punch-drunk and past his prime streetfights another boxer (how the mighty have fallen.) Later though, he would go on to appear in Cliffhanger, a critical and commercial success. Arnold did make some stinkers every now and then. After doing two movies based on the character Conan he reappeared as the Cimmerian in an epic flop, Red Sonja. He also made Collateral Damage which came out after 9/11 so it faired poorly at a time when critics did not to see movies about terrorism.

WINNER OF THE MATCHUP: Arnold Schwarzenegger

I picked Arnold as the winner of this matchup for a few reasons. Both actors have done a lot for action movies; there wouldn't be a Predator or Terminator, Rambo or Rocky. Outside of movies, they were responsible for the successful chain of Planet Hollywood restaurants with their cohort Bruce Willis. But when you think about it, look what Arnold has done. He became governor of California, even if he can't pronounce it properly. He might not have been the best governor of all time, but he stepped up amid a flood of controversy and manned a sinking ship; he did it well enough to warrant a second term. What did Stallone do? He got a statue of Rocky in Philadelphia, and directed himself in a couple movies, Rocky Balboa, Rambo and last year's The Expendables.

Seriously, who's more badass, Dutch or John Spartan

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