Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Movie Badass Madness - Fishburne vs Jackson

I originally intended to have Samuel L Jackson vs Wesley Snipes, who has done some very badass roles, but hey... You have to pay your taxes. So Snipes being off in prison, he's disqualified, and Cowboy Curtis is in his place. Let's go through the numbers and see how they match up.

Samuel L Jackson
GoodFellas - 97
Snakes on a Plane - 69
Star Wars: Episode III - 80
Changing Lanes - 77
Shaft - 68
The Negotiator - 75
Jackie Brown - 86
The Long Kiss Goodnight - 69
Patriot Games - 75
Juice - 85
score out of 1000 - 781 78.1

Laurence Fishburne
The Matrix - 87
Deep Cover - 85
Boyz n the Hood - 98
Predators - 64
Apocalypse Now - 98
Event Horizon - 21
Fled - 14
Assault of Precinct 13 - 60
Mission: Impossible III - 70
King of New York - 70
score out of 1000 - 667 66.7

Both actors has had long successful careers. It's hard to choose between them based on there body of work. Fishburne gave us Morpheus, a badass with sweet gravity-defying shades. He lied about his age so he could be cast as an underage kid in Vietnam in Apocalypse Now. But he may be best know for his role in what can be considered a modern day classic Boyz n the Hood. SLJ has been in a ton of movies, and commands the screen as soon as he arrives. He's know for that awful jhery curl in Pulp Fiction, and being the only jedi badass enough to rock a purple lightsaber.

Winner of the Matchup: Samuel L Jackson. When you talk about badasses you cannot ignore SLJ. In Long Kiss Goodnight, he wears a green suede suit with red leather loafers, get shot a couple of times, is spitting up blood and still manages to drive a car off a bridge while a bomb explodes behind him. Only he could pull that off. Give him a jhery curl wig, a braided soul patch, or let him rock the cue ball and he's always amazing. Plus in real life he signed on to do Snakes on a Plane based purely on the title, and when the studio wanted to change the title he threatened to walk away... they backed down.

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