Monday, March 28, 2011

March Movie Badass Madness - Clint vs Mel

I have chosen to ignore the later-day sins of Mel Gibson because I love his films. He's gone from being a really good actor and grown into a very good director. If we can agree to ignore all the other stuff we can move on to the matchup. Who's more bad ass Clint Eastwood or Mel Gibson? Let's check the stats.


Gran Torino - 80
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 98
In the Line of Fire - 95
Absolute Power - 46
Unforgiven - 96
Pink Cadillac - 15
The Outlaw Josey Wales = 97
Dirty Harry - 95
The Dead Pool - 54
True Crime - 53
score out of 1000 - 730 73.0%

Mel Gibson
Lethal Weapon - 90
Mad Max - 95
Signs - 74
The Patriot - 62
Conspiracy Theory - 51
Ransom - 70
Braveheart - 79
The Road Warrior - 100
Chicken Run - 96
We Were Soldiers - 63
score out of 1000 - 780 78.0%

It's pretty close between the two when it comes to movies acted in. Think about it, Clint gave us Dirty Harry, the Man With No Name (or Joe if you have to be difficult.) Mel gave us Martin Riggs and Mad Max. The Dirty Harry franchise spanned five films and the Lethal Weapon series ended at four with a proposed reboot/remake? in the works. They've each made their way into the director's chair with Clint shifting his focus to directing with movies like Mystic River, Invictus, and Million Dollar Baby. Mel may be best known for riding a horse in Braveheart but he also directed the movie as well as Apocalypto. Controversy surrounded his adaption of The Passion of the Christ but just look at what he achieved with that movie, a movie written and directed by him spoken in Aramaic and Latin. It's the highest-grossing rated R movie of all time as well as the highest-grossing foreign language film of all time.

Winner of the Matchup: Clint Eastwood. I know Mel has done a lot for bad asses everywhere. Mad Max may be one of the most bad ass movies of all time and Mel's first appearance in Lethal Weapon on a ledge with a jumper and then jumping off.. Awesome. But come on. Clint is the man. Dirty Harry is an influential movie, for it's contribution to the cop movie; it is also a great example of taking current events, the zodiac killer, and making a fictional story inspired by them. He's made some great movies starring himself too, like Space Cowboys and Gran Torino. When you think bad ass Clint Eastwood is the epitome of the word.

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