Thursday, March 17, 2011

Community's Coming Back for Thirds

Zip Zop Zooey

It looks like NBCUniversal gets one thing right every now and then... Community just got renewed for a third season along side Parks and Recreation and The Office (seriously, that show isn't ending when Steve Carell leaves?) I'm surprised Community lasted more than a season. I loved it from the pilot and more often than not the shows I enjoy end up getting cancelled, and more often than not they are on NBC.

I cannot wait for the rest of the season, tonight's episode was good, not a centric episode about paintball or a homage to gangster films. That's what makes this show so enjoyable; the jokes can be in bombastic and in your face or the joke can be subversive, the type you have to rewind and watch again just to make sure it's okay to laugh at.

When I found out Community was coming back for a third season, I dropped my phone and did my best Magnitude impersonation possible.

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