Friday, February 11, 2011

X-Men The First Class Trailer

So I find myself in a very strange situation. As much as I love Matthew Vaughn and what he did with Kick-Ass, Layer Cake and the under appreciated adaptation of Stardust I find myself dreading his X-Men The First Class movie. I know Matthew Vaughn could make an amazing movie about Xavier's original team of gifted young mutants, that's not exactly what's happening. X-Men The First Class was a series of mini series events where the original X-Men team are adjusting to being brand new superheroes entering a world already populated by people like Thor and the Fantastic Four. What they're doing at Fox under the production supervision of Bryan Singer is make a story about the relationship between Charles Xavier and the man who would be Magneto. Even that's not a bad idea in theory, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have pretty good on screen chemistry and that part of the movie will probably be good.

Here's my issue with the movie. Instead of doing the movie as a standalone story explaining the relationship between Magneto and Charles Xavier they decided to link this movie to all of the other movies they've made at Fox. The reason for this was so Fox could keep the X-Men rights from reverting back to Disney. As a result they've decided to incorporate a slew of characters that only the hardcore X-fans will know about, characters who've either already been established in the film series' continuity or never be untilized. Instead of Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Angel teaming up with Beast we get Havok (Cyclops' brother) and Mystique. That's a deal breaker for me right there. If you're going to make this movie to stick it Disney that's fine, make the movie and call it something else. 

I am interested in a few things, the fact that's it's been described as a 60's cold war spy story with superpowers is interesting and having the secret society The Hellfire Club at the heart of the espionagesque tale is promising. I do also like the fact that the movie features both Mystique and Azazel (Nightcrawler's biological parents) is pretty awesome for the hardcore fan of X-history. 

Check out the trailer for X-Men the First Class

As much as I'm upset over the story choices, I do have to say having January Jones as Emma Frost was an interesting casting choice, the same goes for Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw... I can't wait to see January in one of those skimpy Emma Frost outfits.

My expectations for this movie are very low, especially after seeing Ratner's X-Men 3 and that dreadful Wolverine prequel. What do you call a prequel of a prequel?

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