Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Don't They Just Make That Movie?

Dragon Age II is coming out in a few weeks and I showed my dad the trailer for it a few days ago. I showed him Dragon Age: Origins and explained to him that it's basically a choose your own adventure LOTResque RPG with multiple origin stories and multiple endings. He saw the trailer for Dragon Age II and the first thing he said was "Yeah that's pretty cool, why don't they just make that movie?"

It's a valid question. We've reached the point where our technology is good enough where in-game cinematics are as good or better than some movie's CGI scenes. For example, look at the trailer for Dragon Age II.

Maybe the issue is sure they can make the movie, but it would have to be live action. We're seeing this right now with David O Russell trying to get a movie based on the Uncharted franchise off the ground. He wants who he wants to play Nathan Drake, the fans want who they want, and other fans think the movie shouldn't even be made. The original Uncharted game was crafted to be a Indiana Jones-inspired game where you take control of a man like Indiana Jones and play through a movie. Why make a movie about a game inspired by a movie, it just seems way too meta.

We are halfway there though, games like Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption incorporated cinematic elements into their gameplay. Mass Effect 2 even contained the likeness of Yvonne Strahovski and Martin Sheen who lent their voices to the game. A game coming out this spring called LA Noire features full face mapping for dialogue like James Cameron used in Avatar to show facial expression in the video game characters. LA Noire is set in 40's era Hollywood and you play a detective, the object of the game is to determine whether someone is lying or telling the truth through interrogation.

My dad does have a good point. The Star Wars Old Republic MMO is coming out soon and they've released trailers with massive lightsaber battles, Sith vs Jedi vs Bounty Hunter. I'd love to see this trailer made into a full length movie... It's be better than anything being pumped out by Lucas.

I'd love to see a CGI movie based of Dig Dug

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