Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Many Faces of Spider-Man

Spider-Man Has gone through a lot of costume changes over the years. In the weeks leading up to the crossover event Civil War he wore a suit of armor designed by Tony Stark that had 4 metal appendages that could function independently with his arms and legs, like the eight legs of a spider. After revealing his identity to the public and beginning to be hounded by supervillains and the Kingpin he decided to return to an earlier costume design in Back in Black, a costume based on the one he wore while hosting the venom symbiote.  At other periods, and also alternate universes there has been a Spider-man, this was the basis of the videogame Spider-Man: Shattered Dimesions which featured 4 different versions of the wall crawler.

I decided to compile as many different versions of Spider-Man as I could find after I saw that Spider-Man would be donning a new suit for his work with the three surviving members of the Fantastic Four. This white suit looks like a film negative version of the symbiote suit Peter Parker used to wear, but it does look cool. He will be appearing alongside the Future Foundation in starting in The Amazing Spider-Man #658.

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