Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Justified Star Wars Promo

Justified returns next week for it's second season on FX and I'm quite excited for it's return. One reason for that is I already miss Terriers on FX and the other reason I'm excited for the show is Timothy Olyphant's Raylon Givens. Rayland is a modern day Rooster Cockburn from True Grit. In the first five minutes of the pilot he shoots a man in cold blood in front of hot people at a Miami hotel. He returns to his hometown of Harland, KY and proceeds to have a 2 on 1 Mexican standoff, has a gun fight in the wood, sleep with his married ex wife, and run afoul of drug dealers. Quite the entertaining neo-Western.

Here is a tv promo ad for the second season. The scene plays out as a reference to Star Wars where Rayland play Han Solo and a criminal plays Greedo. What makes the scene meta is the fact that Rayland recognizes the significance of the situation and uses it to his advantage.

I'm still upset with FX for the way Nip/Tuck ended... and they cancelled Terriers.

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