Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inception: Oscar Dark-Horse?

The Oscars are tomorrow and I am all but certain that it's going to be a two pony race photo finish between The Social Network and The King Speech taking the top prizes. I've already said who I think will win Best Picture and honestly if Th e King Speech wins I will be sorely disappointed. I mean, in a year of amazing movies that movie winning would be like Shakespeare in Love beating Saving Private Ryan... wait, that actually did happen. Does it have to do with recall, does a movie have to have fresh buzz to remain noteworthy? Seriously, of all the movies nominated for best picture which movie had the most buzz and staying power... Inception. 

Look at the numbers... Inception holds a 86% Rotten Tomatoes score (weighed down by internet bloggers like yours truly) and made over 823 million dollars at the box office alone. A summer movie with great reviews and a truly original idea to get behind... dreams within dreams with dreams, zero-G fights, upside-down streets, an epic Hans Zimmer soundtrack and Leo. You would think that'd be enough. I wonder who makes up the 'Academy' and what criteria they use to do their voting. I mentioned the fact that Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare in Love. What was the reasoning behind that, it was a happy show, with British accents? One of the best visions of one of the most vicious wars to date in stunning graphic detail, and I'm not just talking about violence, lost to a British romance.

I doubt Inception will win any top awards, I just feel like the voters don't want to recognize this movie's merits mainly because it's a summer popcorn flick. It contains one of the most original ideas I've seen, the most complex and self-contained idea since The Matrix.

I mentioned that Daft Punk wasn't nominated for an Oscar for it's score of Tron: Legacy. I sincerely hope Hans Zimmer's score for Inception will win... But in all likelihood, The King's Speech's score will win just because it's British.

For the people who loved Inception a little too much - Here's a video from Weikang on youtube, that features the four dream layers of Inception all in real-time...

Do you think Inception will win anything on February 27th? Tune in to the Oscars @ 8:30

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