Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Sneak Peek

One thing Marvel and DC have gotten right recently is their attempts at making animated movies that appeal to a wider range of audiences. I grew up watching Batman, Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons, I even watched the Justice League cartoons and the re-imagined X-Men Evolution cartoon. As my generation got older the subject matter in their cartoons began to become derivative, but a change started with the direct to dvd adaptation of Ultimate Avengers. These animated movies offered the same complex and diverse characters the were written by Mark Millar in the Ultimates. More movies in this vein followed like Invincible Iron Man and Batman Gotham Knights.

These adaptations featured big actors like NCIS's Mark Harmon, William Baldwin and James Woods who voiced Superman, Batman and Owlman in Justice League: Crisis of Two Worlds. Most recently there was an adaptation of Grant Morrison's epic Superman story All-Star Superman which showed the last days of Superman. Law and Order: SVU actor Christopher Meloni voiced a rookie version of the Hal Jordan in the first movie devoted to this summer's sure to be blockbuster Green Lantern, in Green Lantern: First Flight

The next big animated movie based on a comic franchise will be Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which is based on stories from various Green Lantern books, featuring Nathan Fillion as the voice of Hal Jordan. Fillion was a fan pick for the live action adaptation of Green Lantern (my personal pick as well, but hey Ryan Reynolds will do fine.) He's also appeared in Justice League: Unlimited and was also the voice of Wonder Woman's love interest in an animated movie based on that comic series.

Here's a sneak peek at Green Lantern: Emerald Knights... coming soon to Blu Ray and DVD. 

The next animated movie planned for release is an adaptation of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One.

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