Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Captain America Teaser

The Super Bowl is known for it high-priced commercial advertising. Last Sunday during the big game 17 different movie teasers were shown including the first look at Captain America (I refuse to say it's unnecessary subtitle, I don't care how un-politically correct Captain America is.) The teaser was nothing more than 33 seconds of quick cuts but you do get a sense of what they're going for. 

You get to see a few things in the ad, a very brief look at Captain America with some of the Howling Commandos and Bucky Barnes... Some hooded troops who I'm guessing are probably AIM goons, and you see Steve Rogers with his shield. I was excited to see what the Red Skull looked like. Until the Super Bowl ad all we had seen of Hugo Weaving's Red Skull was him in a magazine photo of him without the skull face holding what looks like a Cosmic Cube. The makeup they did on him looks pretty good. 

I hope we get a full trailer with some action soon... 7/22/2011 seems so far away...

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