Friday, February 4, 2011

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

I don't have a 12-sided die on hand to give last night's episode of Community a DnD worthy score, 10 out of 10 doesn't really do it justice. They managed to do another entertaining self-contained themed adventure, like their paintball and zombie attack Halloween episodes, and took what could have been a one-off bit character and gave him a story filled with uncommon amounts of depth. The plot of the episode is centered around Fat Neil (Charley Koontz) a character seen only once before in an episode where he gets Britta to flash him for RHCP tickets.

Fat Neil loves DnD and when Jeff notices that Neil may be depressed he suggests the study group come together on the weekend and play some Dungeons and Dragons with Neil. The only problem is, Pierce is not invited. There were a lot of funny moments, specifically Britta doing a very good albeit unintentional Hermione Granger impersonation with her concerns for Goblin and Gnome politics. There's another hilarious scene where Annie, playing as Hector the Well-Endowed, trades sexual favors with Abed the female Elf maiden for a Pegasus so the group can rescue Fat Neil's +3 sword from Pierce.

The episode is great, the reasons for Jeff inviting Fat Neil to play with the study group are interesting character developments as well as the scenes with Fat Neil and Pierce. Community does a great job in the turn-your-mind-down humor so you don't have to struggle to understand the humor (like The Office or 30 Rock.) What they did well here was take a character in Fat Neil that could have popped up for a few seconds every now and then and in one episode created a character you could empathize with if you've every been on the receiving end of bullying and sympathize for. Now if only we could get an episode devoted to Garrett... Dan Harmon, get working on that please.

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