Friday, December 24, 2010

What's Christmas without TV and Movies?

Here's a link to Joblo's Hater's Guide to Christmas which is filled with some classic and semi-so Christmas-related movies. The unOfficial Hater's Guide to Christmas Flicks -

This year has been a great year for holiday events. I've already mention that Community and Doctor Who have Christmas episodes out. Even Misfits had a Christmas special to end out their second season; complete with a delusion priest trying to make people believe he is Jesus reborn, a baby's birth and a disgusting exchange with the afterbirth.

Syfy, who has been having a well documented issue with the handling of their series, came back with two out of continuity holiday themed episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13. Eureka was shrinking and only the sheriff and a scientist determined to solve the secret of Santa Claus could save the day.

Leverage returned with a two week event that started with a Christmas episode involving a Mall heist and credit card fraud. They then returned the following week for their 2-hour season finale event.

Even Top Gear is getting into the holiday spirit. Top Gear returned this week in the UK for a new series, beginning with an American Road Trip. Boxing Day, the day after Christmas for us Americans, the boys are on a race following the path of the three wise men, from Iraq to Bethlehem.

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