Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Top 5 TV Shows of 2010

We're getting close to the end of the year... So I've decide to do a couple of year end lists... I'm gonna start with what I think is the easiest. I watch a lot of TV. I've mentioned how much I love Community. I've watched so many good television shows that it isn't even in what I consider to be my top 5; and as much as I loved it, neither is The Walking Dead.  So here is My Top 5 TV Shows of 2010:

5. LOST Final Season* - I watched LOST from the night of the pilot religiously. I watched it live every week and my loyalty and faith in Cuse/Lindelof never wavered for six seasons. Were there questions that never were answered, of course. The show was a mystery series, with mystery being the key word. Not every mystery needed to be solved for LOST to be great. LOST fell into the same trap that Battlestar Galactica fell into last year. People's expectations of what an show's ideal ending will be are often never met. I for one loved the journey, and never once was disappointed.

4. Breaking Bad Season 3 - The awards are all worth it. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul play two of the most complex and real characters on television and the third season of Breaking Bad showed us what happens to desperate men when stakes are raised. Do they rise to meet them or get buried underneath the weight of them. Each episode functioned like a slow-roasting pressure cooker. The tension built until a climax, which for a few episodes, ended explosively and violently.

3. Doctor Who Season 5 - I was literally wiping the tears away when David Tennant gave his final line as the Doctor on New Years Day. I gave Matt Smith a chance when he arrived as the eleventh regeneration of the Doctor, and I'm glad I did. His characterization gives the Doctor a lighthearted whimsy that Christopher Eccleston's leather-bound Doctor and David Tennant's Chuck Taylor-wearing did not have. His expressions of anger and fear are brilliant. Karen Gillan makes a perfect companion, one who isn't lovesick like Rose Tyler or Martha Jones. Stephen Moffat has written a great overarching story with the Pandorica, he did the same with his modern re-imaging of Sherlock Holmes. I can't wait for the Christmas Carol-themed episode featuring Michael Gambon.

2. Terriers* - It's definitely a shame that more people did not give Terriers a chance. Hank and Britt were two of the most interesting characters to follow for 13 weeks. Like Breaking Bad, Hank and Britt were desperate men trying to make a living as private detectives when a case that hit close to home dropped them into a ever-widening conspiracy that at multiple times hit close to home. And the episodes that didn't involve the series-centered conspiracy did an amazing job to establish that these two guys were definitely in over their heads at all times. It is too bad that the show only lasted for one season, but we were left with the hope that they would ride of into the sunset as heroes.

1. Misfits - Now, the first series of Misfits debuted at the end of last year, but I didn't catch it until this Spring. Misfits is my top pick for a few reasons. Firstly, the show is about youth offenders in community service who get superpowers from an unexplained storm. Secondly, the abilities that these characters exhibit are deeply rooted who the characters are and what they desire.  Thirdly the shows first two seasons are contained to only 12 episodes and a Christmas special. This limitation has made for a contained and condescended very of Heroes and Skins mashed together. The action is frenetic at some points, the characters have depth (which is almost unheard of for most shows about teenagers.) There's been talk about adapting the show here in the states, but this show is amazing. Sex, drug use and violence are frequent throughout, and the subject matter could never be done for US audiences (audiences would love it as is, but watchdogs would neuter it). 

Here's a shortlist of some of my other favorite shows from 2010 (all shows with (*) are now cancelled or ended.)
  • Community, Modern Family, Glee, Justified, The Walking Dead, Fringe, Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Boardwalk Empire, Party Down*, Ashes to Ashes*, The Inbetweeners, Sherlock, Mad Men, Supernatural
Tomorrow I'm gonna do my Top 10 Movie choices for 2010 and my Top 10 Anticipated Movies of 2011.

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