Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craig Ferguson's Doctor Who Cold Open

Craig Ferguson on the Uber Late Late Show on CBS is a big fan of Doctor Who. Well, he darn well should be, growing up in Scotland. He was so excited to interview the current doctor, Matt Smith, that he did a lead up to the interview with a whole monologue about Daleks.

The night of the Doctor Who special, the Cold Open which featured a dance number to the original tune was blocked by the CBS legal department because they said they didn't have the rights to play the theme. But thanks to youtube, the original cold open leaked. It's funny, but it isn't the greatest thing ever. It wouldn't besmirch the Doctor Who theme song or it's legacy. See for yourself.

I love Chris Hardwick, who was the other guest of the Late Late show. And when he came back out during Matt Smith's interview it turned into one of the funniest moments.Check out the whole interview and Matt's goofy dances.

I want Chris's TARDIS running into the Delorean from BTTF... I will buy you!

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