Monday, November 22, 2010

A Very Doctor Who Christmas

I love to talk with people about Doctor Who. For the longest time I was the only person in my set of friends who watched it, but slowly they began to wise up and they are now all hooked. One of my favorite things that they do is a Christmas special every year. The first special since the 2005 revival introduced us to Torchwood and David Tennant's first full appearance as the Doctor. Even Kylie Minogue was in a special, where a spaceship version of the Titanic is plummeting to Earth.

This year is no different. This Christmas we'll be seeing The Doctor, Amy and Rory together in A Christmas Carol (Doctor Whostyle.)  This special features Dumbledore himself, Michael Gambon as a very lonely man (sound familiar?)

Now what's great about this special for us in US is it will actually be show on Christmas day. Until now we've only been able to see Christmas specials months after it's release. So check out the trailer for A Christmas Carol, premiering Christmas Night.

Which is your favorite Doctor Who Christmas Special? I think mine has to be The End of Time Parts I & II. Sure part two came out on New Years, but hey... it counts as a holiday special.

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