Friday, November 19, 2010

Tron: Legacy - On the Grid

So Tron Legacy is about a month away and they have definitely stepped up advertising for it. A few weeks ago Daft Punk released a music video for their song Derezzed, and a third trailer was released recently that gives an idea of the plot to the movie. I for one and very excited to see it, and with the new non-sickmaking 3D technology I think it will be amazing. On the Facingbook they've gone a step further when it comes to viral marketing (pun intended?) for the movie. There is a facebook app that allows you to map your own face into a movie trailer. All you need is a picture of yourself; which can easily be done with a webcam but can also be taken from a picture off your facebook profile or your computer. After a minute or so you're put in the trailer... and it works really well. You even have the option of saving the movie to your hard drive, which I immediately did and posted it to youtube (gotta increase the traffic any way you can.) 

So enjoy me, Suburb Pat, in this Tron Legacy trailer, I'm On The Grid.

Here's the most recent trailer for Tron Legacy (my face not included.)

Here's Daft Punk's music video, Derezzed from the Tron Legacy Score

Here's another Tron Trailer, from Tobuscus. This one though, is a LITERAL trailer... Funny stuff indeed.

Is it me or is Michael Sheen become the new Michael Caine... He's in everything.

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