Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackass the 3rd: This Time, They're Pissed Off.

The advent of real genuine 3D has brought forth the most un-3D-esque movie to date. Jackass has always been grounded by the sense of cheapness with their use of handicams and long unedited shots of mayhem. What makes their foray into 3D so amazing is the combination of the Jackass mentality towards shooting things from certain perspectives mixed with the addition of the new wave of 3D cameras. Seeing how the two coexist will make for an interesting movie experience to say the least. And hopefully you have no problems with male genitalia and gratuitous amounts of poo.

Anywho here's a making of video from VBS.TV featuring a look at what the Jackass guys think of 3D.

What can they do after 3D...

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