Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holy Crap The Walking Dead Leaked!

So, I can't wait for Halloween, not for the candy or the creepy parents who give out mini bags of popcorn instead of candy (Yes mom, I'm talking about you.) I'm really excited for The Walking Dead on AMC. I love Robert Kirkman's comic about a sheriff fighting his way through zombie hordes to his family. Here's the problem, the pilot was leaked on the internet after people were given copies to give advanced reviews. I have no problems with people who leak things to the web; personally I probably wouldn't be watching Fringe if I hadn't seen the pilot two months before the premiere. But my problem with this particular pilot leak is I reeeally want to see it, but I had a whole Halloween night planned around the Walking Dead and zombies.

  1. Zombie movie marathon: Including Night of the Living Dead, Shawn of the Dead, Zombieland
  2. Glow in the Dark Zombie Playoffs Bracket shirt and horror movie pants.
  3. Ewzzy's Human's vs Zombies soundtrack.
  4. Candy
    UPDATE: 10/23/10
  5. Play some Left 4 Dead and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  6. Late addition to my zombie movie marathon: Planet Terror
  7. The Walking Dead series premiere @10pm
So enjoy another look at The Walking Dead on Halloween Night on AMC

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