Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doctor Meets Doctor

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, following it and Torchwood religiously since Christopher Eccleston's run. I love David Tennant's run as the Doctor, so much so that I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried a little during his regeneration. Matt Smith has definitely settled into the role, complete with his own individual style and mannerisms. One of my favorite websites devoted to comic book art Comic Twart focused on Doctor Who, one of the best pictures of the week came from Evan "Doc: Shaner.

What I love about this picture of the Two Doctors is the characteristics of Matt Smith's Doctor, complete with Fez and Dot-Eyes. He reminds me of Billy Batson and Captain Marvel. The reactions of Rose and Amy are funny too...

Check out more of Evan's art at his blog or go to Comic Twart to check other artists. Evan even does commissioned work for cash... Keep that in mind.

Can't wait to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special... Premise: Murder on the Oriental Express... in Space. Loving IT!

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