Monday, August 23, 2010

F**K You, Hey, it's Just the Name of a Song

This was the greatest thing I have seen on the internet since I've been back in the states... Many people know Cee-Lo Green as that black dude from Gnarls Barkley, but he is a killer solo artist as well. Here's his new single that will probably never be on the radio. When a song is titled F**K You or any permutation/iteration of the f-star-star bomb it's safe to say it has to do with some sexy intercourse or it's got some hostility behind it. This song is no different in that sense, where it differs from the rest of the star-star brigade is it sounds like an angst-ridden Motown single, and not like some misogynistic song. Enjoy it.

Personally I cannot wait for his album Ladykiller to drop. This made me pull out my CD copy of Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine.

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