Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Smell Oscar

I'd love to do all of my Oscar picks again this year, but seeing as I will not be in the states to watch the oscars I thought that before I leave you I will give you a fun little pre-Oscar treat courtesy of Cracked came up with a graph of what criteria you should meet if you want to get an Oscar Nomination (my favorite is Misty Blues.) Also on cracked is how to win an Oscar (link here)

One of my favorite Oscar Pictures is this one... From Winners of the 81st Academy Awards, weighted - by wins and how much we gave a shit.

If I had to make a darkhorse pick for Best Picture and Director it would have to be Ingloriuous Basterds. Christoph Waltz is a lock for supporting actor... And don't get me started on Abidar(AVATAR)

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