Monday, February 22, 2010

What I Want For My 23rd Birthday

So like I've said in previous posts I missed 3 major. holidays while I was i teaching in China. Well, as a result of moving back to China I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday alone [well, not technically alone, it will be the first birthday I haven't in some way celebrated with family.] My parents before Christmas asked me what I wanted so they could have presents waiting for me when I came home...
I asked for two things. Lost Season 5 on DVD and Glee Season 1 Part 1 on DVD... I didn't need that much, I also ended up buying a Nintendo DSi with money I got for Christmas and an Acekard 2i for the DS to play homebrew games and fun applications. So I've been thinking, what would I want to have waiting for me as birthday presents so I've been looking at things coming out from now till the end of June... Sure my birthday is March 20th, but hey, all of my gift will be incredibly belated anyways. Here's some of the things that have made the shortlist:

  • Pokemon SoulSilver or HeartGold for the Nintendo DS... Hey, there is no other series that is still so fun and entertaining to play over and over like a Pokemon game, plus it comes with a pedometer... how awesome is that?
  • A Blu-Ray Player or A PS3... There are specific games for the Playstation 3 that I want to play eventhough I love the 36o, plus it's a blu-ray player. I want Star Trek in blu-ray, Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete, Battlestar Galatica The complete series, Watchmen the Ultimate Cut and stuff like that.
  • Tickets to see Iron-Man 2... I know it comes out in May and I'll still be in China but I must see it in an American theater.
  • I love comic books and I cant wait to complete my Trade paperback collection of Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern, his mini-series Flash:Rebirth and his current epic crossover event Blackest Night when they come out.

Here's the Iron Man 2 Trailer... Just for those of you who haven't seen it yet. Enjoy

I'm so pissed that I'll be in China when Kick-Ass is released in April. China Movie-Going Tip: Only 20 foreign movies are released in China a year, that includes stuff like 2012 and AVATAR.

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