Friday, February 12, 2010

Things We Do with a New Laptop

So the first part of excursion to China has given me enough skins to get a new laptop computer. I quite like it... ergonomic, and awesome... So I hope to be blogging more, either from home or the office when I return to China at the end of February. I have a crap load of pictures to post so I'm going to be posting some every now and then. But one of the things I've been doing with the new computer is moving files over and the last few files I've been moving have been papers from college. I haven't fully decided whether or not I will be going to graduate school yet, but I've been going over my term papers to select one as a potential writing sample.

I posted my favorites on Google Docs and I'm going to share those with you all... One is from my Lifespan Developmental Psychology class and it covers Multiple Sclerosis's effect on different age ranges, One is a history of the history of human perception for my History of Psychology Seminar and is covers the study of visual perception dating back to ancient Greece. The other is a psychological profile of Dexter Morgan from the television show and book series Dexter that I did for my Psychology of Personality seminar. Constructive Criticism is encouraged.

After I find it I will be posting my Philosophy of Battlestar Galactica paper... It is one of my favorites.

Here are some more of my pictures from China... the first album are some photos of the night around my apartment... Snazzy Neon lights included.

Around 3am on New Years Day I couldn't sleep so I decided to have fun with some sparklers and long exposure shots... enjoy some artsy photos [and for your information I BURNED MYSELF TWICE DOING THIS BUT IT WAS WORTH IT]

I'm thinking about doing a Master's Degree in Cinema Studies... Whaddya Think?

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