Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures from the Field

Well, I just got back to Indianapolis this week. It's good to be home, but I'm starting to miss my little shanty already. While I'm here I get to use reliable internets and satellite television... Let's not forget the internet porn [hello my misunderstood little friend, it's been way too long.] I have a treat for you all; first thing I did after I woke from my jetlag induced coma was put all of my photos online. You can check out my photos online now or wait as I will be showing them off. Some of the pictures have fun stories attached to them [especially the story of my day in Shanghai, it's a doozy.] so stay tuned for more...

This first bunch of photos were taken on campus on weekends and days when I didn't have access to internet, Enjoy USTC Outdoorsy.

A large amount of these photos were from places directly outside of my apartment building

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Homeward Bound

So this is probably the last email I will be able to send. Today is officially the last day of classes at the practice center. This means I will be without internet access from now until till I'm home. 

So here are the most important things. I get paid on Friday and I intend to exchange the Chinese money for American cash sometime that afternoon, hopefully. Lynn has assured me that I have a round-trip ticket from Hefei-Shanghai, which means I will be flying to a different airport, one that's 1 hour away from the Int. Airport I leave for Chicago from. That isn't a big deal seeing as how my flight from Shanghai to Chicago leaves at 6pm on Tuesday. The flight from Chicago to Indy leaves around 7:15 on Tuesday night, Chicago time, meaning it will get in sometime around 9pm Indy time. 

Here's the issue, as confident as I am in the Chinese people, seven years of experience has made me very hesitant to believe them whole-heartedly. So here's my backup plan. If I get to the airport and find out for some reason that I am not on a flight there is an afternoon train from hefei to shanghai that I can take. I would be cutting it close but I would be able to make it from the train to the airport with maybe 30 minutes to spare. If I had to desperately get to shanghai, I could buy a ticket, the price for a ticket is 82$... like flying from Indy to Chicago. 

If I am without a doubt on the flight from Hefei to Shanghai I will be leaving around 9am and arriving around 10am... If that happens I'm leaving the luggage and hitting shanghai for the afternoon, no way am I squating in that airport for hours again.

Hope to see you all soon