Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is my Job Description?

So I realized that I haven't really explained what it is I'm doing here in the Red Kingdom. Basically my job is this. 

My job is to help graduate students, and PhD hopefuls continue their English studies. I do my job in to ways. I have a 2-hour lecture class where each week I have a topic to talk about. I use clips, audio and various media to explain the topic. The point of the class is to get them speaking in English, so I choose topics that will be thought provoking or something rife with philosophical questions for them to answer (This isn't always the case though, one class I talked about the College student's diet for 2 hours straight, not good times.)  The other way I teach the lemmings is through a 1-hour situation class, where the students are given a dialog over a situation and then I divide them into teams or pairs and make them create their own dialog inspired by the original situation. Recently I've acted as a car salesman who was trying to sell my students cars and they were coming to me with their various requirements. It gives them an opportunity to speak with each other in English more than they normally would get a chance to.

As we approach the end of the term it is becoming more and more difficult to teach full classes. So when I'm forced to teach a 2-hour class at 7pm to 9pm and I don't have a full class, not the happiest time for yours truly.

But as the end approaches so does my vacation!!!

BTW. Because I probably will not have a chance to say it... Happy New Year (a few days early)

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