Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Live From China

I am coming to you live from Hefei, China... It's 6:15 in the Pm on Wednesday, for you in the states it's still the am... Moving on

Seeing as how blogging from the Red State has become increasingly difficult to do I'm forced to have to lump alot of things together... Many of the things I've been experiencing since I've returned to China I have been talking about through emails... I'm going to be uploading them whenever I get the chance.

Here's one from Nov. 16th titled I'm alive... somewhat:

Greetings from the opposite end of the world. I've been in the Shanghai Terminal now for a couple of hours and found free interwebs so i thought I'd let you know I'm alright. I'm waiting for my final flight from Shanghai to Hefei which is at 9pm my time, 8 am your time. I got into Shanghai around 4pm... So here's a top gear top tip, if you have to have a layover of more than 4 hours... get a map, drop off your luggage and go do something. Hindsight's twenty-twenty. I sat next to the most aggravating man from Mexico. When EVERYONE on the plane wanted to sleep, including me, he kept opening the window to look outside (it's Russia what's there to see but snow.) I also was asked by the most antsy Chinese man I've ever met to change seats on the plane with him, because he wanted to use the jack in my seat to charge his computer when in actuality he was pissed because the volume on his in-flight enternainment was busted. Sucks to be you sir, tough noogies.

Overall this trip was fraught with perilous layover, something to keep in mind for the next trip.

Once I get there and go through the meet and greet with the masses of school people I am crashing. I'm running on fumes. I'll try to talk to you as soon as I can get to another computer or a phone.

Here's something I just found out that may be of some consequence to my fragile little state here, NO TWITTER, NO FACEBOOK, and NO accessing my own webblog. If I wanted to give everything up interwebswise I would have applied to be a professor in Tibet.

Hopefully I'll get without them... for two months.

Just had my first feel[meal]... Some roasted pork in a General Tso'sesque sauce. I got a little on my shirt which made me made. I survived O'Scare and a 14 hour flight clean as a whistle and now I get something on it. Don't worry that's why God created Tide to Go. I board my plane soon.Talk to you all very soon


Thanks to craftiness and technosavvy I have been able to circumvent a few of those things. I can now see faceybook but I'm like a ghost; I can't make comments or check incoming messages. I've got twitter as a result of some "Great Firewall of China" underminings and have minimal access to the blog... thank giddyod for copy-paste.

Here's another email from the 19th titled Hello Hello

Hello all. So I'm guessing you guys did not see my email... I sent it during the middle of the night... Check your emails. More often than not I will be sending them from 8pm to 7am your time. Well, I'm alive! Yay. I've hunkered down and am starting work today. My topics for today are Dealing with stress and talking about sports... As much as I like to spin yarns about myself I have to try my best to get them all talking about sports... could be fun

So I've had a chance to scope out the surrounding area. There are a crap ton of computer stores around... Including an Apple store which is hilarious. I walked about ten minutes north of my apartment and found a KFC and a MickeyD's. If you had to choose between a Chinese KFC and a McDonalds I'd suggest a MickeyD's (how hard is it to screw up an order for a big mac?)

So I saw that the Colts beat the Pats by 1 point and at the last minute to boot, and what's this I'm hearing about Jenson Button going to Mclaren?

It has been an interesting couple of days. For the most part I've been sleeping five hours at a time, falling asleep at 8pm and waking up around 1 and watching late night American movies with Chinese subtitles (last night or should I say this morning I watched The Glimmer Man w/ Keenan Ivory Wayans and Seagal.) The problem is when it gets dark and there's nothing on TV in English except Asian news I get incredibly sleepy. Something I have to work on by Friday, I teach bright and early at 8:30 on Friday.

Well, I try to send you either some pictures or a video of what the apartment looks like soon, when you see it you'll understand why they're tearing it down soon. Well, off to catch up on some missed TV watchings before my first class of the day. Laters

Snack for the day: Squid Jerky

Maybe next time I can blog I'll actually explain How I got to China

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