Friday, December 11, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

So here is the tale of how I made it to China...

It's quite simple really. After graduation and summer classes I moved back home with my parents while I searched for a job. I signed for for websites like Careerbuilder and but got nothing. Somewhere around the end of May I sent my resume to The University of Science and Technology of China who was looking for an English Teacher to help facilitate English conversation in Graduate students. I sent off my resume and heard nothing from them throughout the summer. Come the fall I could not find a job for family reasons. My mother had surgery done in August to improve the circulation in her leg as a result of living with diabetes for most of her life. After she came home I basically acted as her nurse by proxy. I gave her her pills and meals and helped to move around. That didn't help me in the job department.

So comes the beginning of November and I get a call from some guy in Philly. He asks me if I would be interested in working at a school in China... The same school I applied to half-a-year earlier. They desperately needed a teacher to come and finish out the semester. It would require me to leave immediately. So as a result all of my plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas were cancelled. My brother was going to come in from California and that would be the first time I would see him since May; he left for Cali two days before my Graduation. They dickered around with me for two weeks about when I would leave and how I'd get there. Tickets to and from China are expensive and the visa costs 160 skins... After getting incredibly frustrated with them I told them unless they buy my ticket and fly my out there I would not be going.

So here I am... Next time I'll describe what it is I actually do.

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