Monday, November 2, 2009

Things We Do When We're Unemployed

So I've been away for a while for multiple reasons. the chief reason being my mom. She went in at the beginning of September for bypass surgery in her leg to increase circulation down to her foot. It has not been the most stellar of two months for her, my dad and myself. Lots of pain, lots of close monitoring and so forth. As a result me looking for a job has been somewhat put on the back burner. So what have I been doing for the past few months?
  • Watching football
  • Reading comics like Blackest Night and Runaways (please come back from hiatus soon, pleeeease)
  • Went and saw Zombieland (excellent + random appearance of Weekend Crush Amber Heard.)
  • Watched two Heroes marathons and got back into Heroes
  • Finally bought Lost seasons 2-4 (eagerly anticipating Season 5) and bought Fringe Season 1
  • Volunteered at a morning 5k/10k in Downtown Indy (pictures below)
  • Got a flu shot... but not for that H1N1 (that vaccine is going to be the cause for the zombie apocalypse. Mark my words.)
And most recently I went around taking pictures of the fall foliage for my brother who upon reaching fall in southern California realized that palm trees don't change colors. So here is a slideshow of the post-halloweenie foliage in our neighborhood.

So did I mention I might be going back to China? Shush, I don't want to jinx it.

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