Friday, July 24, 2009

My Weekend Crush

Maybe it has something to do with the placement of the bubbles but I'm drawing a complete blank on who this is. Kidding... I remember Kate Mara for three reasons: her half naked with a shotgun scene in Shooter (featuring a lispy Danny Glover and Mark Wahlberg), her role in Brokeback Mountain (yes I saw the movie, what of it), and her role in Tadpole (nothing like statutory rape comedies...) I look forward to seeing more of her, especially in Iron Man II. Until then, Enjoy...

Am I the only one who thinks that she and Isla Fisher could be twins?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Barker Family Celebration Part 2

Here's Part 2 which has more pictures from the Barker Celebration. This includes some pictures of the newest member of the Barker family, Lexi, as well as some pictures on the road and of the Blue Ridge mountain area where we scattered some of grandpa's ashes.

My little baby cousin Lexi is just adorable isn't she?

Barker Family Celebration

I got a chance to see a huge chunk of my father's side of the family this weekend. They had all converged on Waynesboro, VA to memorialize my grandfather who passed earlier this year. We spread his ashes on the Blue Ridge Mountains on Thursday, had his funeral (in a church in the middle of nowhere) on Friday, and celebrated his life on Saturday. I met cousins and twice-baked cousins I never knew I had. Got to meet some of my grandfather's Virginia Military Institute brothers and scoped out a '49 Jag that a member of my gf's British Car Club.


Here is a sample of some of my better pictures. Proof that I can make some artsy stuff when I try. Enjoy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Patton Oswalt: Big Fan

I just saw a really interesting trailer for the movie Big Fan. It stars comedian Patton Oswalt and is written and directed by the writer of The Wrestler, Robert Siegel. At first it looks like any other comedy but then the twist. I'm excited for this one.

What I wouldn't do to go to Sundance Film Festival.