Sunday, June 7, 2009

Preview of Episode II of 3Lovers

So this is becoming a daily thing, but here's another sample of The Three Lovers of Amelia. This comes from the second chapter or Episode II, titled Conflict of Interests. It is the introduction of college professor Frank Roe who starts a clandestine relationship with Amelia. My plan for him is to have him lose his mind when she leaves for someone else, but I'm nowhere near that point. Well here's a sample... Enjoy Check out more @ The Three Lovers of Amelia
Frank had been Amelia's academic advisor for five semesters now, but it wasn't until recently that he found himself sexually attracted to her. He couldn't decide why that was, maybe it had something to do with her recent change in style. Like James, Frank had noticed that her clothes were shorter, her attitude was more outgoing almost to the point of being exuberant. She talked more in his class and her insights contributed more to the discussions than normally. More often than not the discussion would be a back and forth conversation with with James about the philosophy undertones in Joyce's work; things only a professor with a Masters Degree like him or a philosophy student, which James was, would know about. She added a little panache to the discussions, a quality that he desperately needed from the opposite sex.

His wife was leaving him. In his mind he didn't know why. In actuality it had to do with his meager salary at the university and his preoccupation with literature and not his wife. She strayed from the nest, multiple times, and with many of his friends. They told him, he didn't take it very well. The divorce papers were being filed and all Frank could think about was going headlong into Amelia Blake.

You can read the rest of Episode to here.

So I saw The Hangover, and as much as I love Nathan Fillion, I wouldn't mind Bradley Cooper being Green Lantern.

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