Sunday, June 7, 2009

3Lovers update

Episode I of The Three Lovers of Amelia is done. I like the way it turned out. It gives a brief introduction to the lead character James Oliver (Ollie) and of course Amelia Blake. On the the blog it's split up into daily postings, but thanks to Google Docs I was able to mash it all together into one chunk. As I progress I intend to have the whole thing together on Google Doc Here's a sample: Check out more @ The Three Lovers of Amelia or read the whole first Episode here.

Amelia opened the door. As the smoke lifted above his face he could see her. Amelia had her hair in curls this time, like dirty blond ringlets tumbling past her shoulders. He could tell she had been at one of the close by clubs by her outfit. Her black tube top was bra-less and shoulder-less and because of the size of her breasts it left very little for the imagination, and her black leather skirt was definitely shorter than fingertip length. Her exposed midriff showed of the new diamond-studded navel piercing she said she got gratis, but he knew gratis meant a quick lay for the gentleman's troubles. That only aggravated him more, and led him to be more snarky than normal.
"So, what have we learned?"
"Don't bring strange men home?"
"No, who fucking cares who you fuck..."
"Don't play with weapons?"
"No, playing with weapons if fine, but if you have play around, make sure the chamber is empty and the safety's on!"
He looked at her as the outdoor light danced on her face. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying and her mascara was running. Part of him wanted to take her and rest her head on his shoulder. She had done that a few times in the past. But, seeing as how she was still holding a M9 Beretta and the cops would soon be there, he had no time to be sympathetic.

This is what I do with my free time when nothings on TV, stay up late and write.

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