Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things You Shouldn't Say on the Day Michael Jackson Dies

I felt really bad when I heard the King of Pop had died. But the first thing that came out of my mouth were really bad jokes. You know when people hiss and you're forced to say too soon? Those kinds of jokes. Here are a few from me and a friend of mine:
  • I guess his heart just couldn't Beat It.
  • This is just so BAD!
  • You've been hit by, you've been struck by... cardiac arrest.
  • I guess his heart stopped til it got enough.
  • God... this is a THRILLER!
  • My mom is so sad, she's OFF THE WALL
  • DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME... When Michael Jackson went to the hospital in cardiac arrest?
  • Well, I guess he WON'T be there after all.
  • No more child support for Billie Jean
  • Rats everywhere are in mourning
  • Paul McCartney is probably Say Say Saying it can't be true.
  • I wonder, when they did chest compressions, did he go hee hee... -[my favorite]

I only kid about Michael, one of my favorite childhood memories is the complete Thriller... Here's my favorite Jackson song... Show You the Way to Go... RIP JACKO

I would definitely feel a lot worse if it was Prince not Michael...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is What Happens When You're Sick for Two Weeks

So for some reason I got incredibly sick and had to go to the emergency room... I was so nausious for three days. On the first day I had to lay on my side in the pregnant lady "don't poop out the baby" fetal position for 10 hours... WITH NO TV!!! I went stir crazy. It was either my diabeetus or a bad bug and blood sugar issues... As a result I complete have ignored my blog and my writing. It's also really hard to get a job from your bed. I did however have enough time (at my parent's request) to post some pictures from the Chinese Dragonboat race they went to. Here's those pictures.

Here's a list of the other various things I did from my bed or from the toilet.
  • Watched a UFC Ultimate Fighter marathon
  • Watched the Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) marathon
  • Pulled my keyboard over to the bed and watched some youtube videos and read some comics.

Hopefully I'll get back to work on 3Lovers this week...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Youtube Theatre

I thought today would be a perfect to to show off some of my favorite web videos from teh Tubes... So for today's Monday Youtube Theatre we have:

Suburb Pat's Favorite Vids Vol. I

First up is some Russell Brand talking about Seagulling!!!

Up next is one of my favorite Marvel Vs DC videos, showing what Superheroes talk about when they aren't at work fighting crime.

The last one for today comes from the archives of Random Act. Random Act is(if it isn't defunct by now) sketch comedy troupe at Butler University. This video features one of my friends , Ewzzy, selling cars. It's pretty funny.

Ever since I saw Silence of the Lambs I've been no horrified with the thought of seagulling.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Preview of Episode II of 3Lovers

So this is becoming a daily thing, but here's another sample of The Three Lovers of Amelia. This comes from the second chapter or Episode II, titled Conflict of Interests. It is the introduction of college professor Frank Roe who starts a clandestine relationship with Amelia. My plan for him is to have him lose his mind when she leaves for someone else, but I'm nowhere near that point. Well here's a sample... Enjoy Check out more @ The Three Lovers of Amelia
Frank had been Amelia's academic advisor for five semesters now, but it wasn't until recently that he found himself sexually attracted to her. He couldn't decide why that was, maybe it had something to do with her recent change in style. Like James, Frank had noticed that her clothes were shorter, her attitude was more outgoing almost to the point of being exuberant. She talked more in his class and her insights contributed more to the discussions than normally. More often than not the discussion would be a back and forth conversation with with James about the philosophy undertones in Joyce's work; things only a professor with a Masters Degree like him or a philosophy student, which James was, would know about. She added a little panache to the discussions, a quality that he desperately needed from the opposite sex.

His wife was leaving him. In his mind he didn't know why. In actuality it had to do with his meager salary at the university and his preoccupation with literature and not his wife. She strayed from the nest, multiple times, and with many of his friends. They told him, he didn't take it very well. The divorce papers were being filed and all Frank could think about was going headlong into Amelia Blake.

You can read the rest of Episode to here.

So I saw The Hangover, and as much as I love Nathan Fillion, I wouldn't mind Bradley Cooper being Green Lantern.

3Lovers update

Episode I of The Three Lovers of Amelia is done. I like the way it turned out. It gives a brief introduction to the lead character James Oliver (Ollie) and of course Amelia Blake. On the the blog it's split up into daily postings, but thanks to Google Docs I was able to mash it all together into one chunk. As I progress I intend to have the whole thing together on Google Doc Here's a sample: Check out more @ The Three Lovers of Amelia or read the whole first Episode here.

Amelia opened the door. As the smoke lifted above his face he could see her. Amelia had her hair in curls this time, like dirty blond ringlets tumbling past her shoulders. He could tell she had been at one of the close by clubs by her outfit. Her black tube top was bra-less and shoulder-less and because of the size of her breasts it left very little for the imagination, and her black leather skirt was definitely shorter than fingertip length. Her exposed midriff showed of the new diamond-studded navel piercing she said she got gratis, but he knew gratis meant a quick lay for the gentleman's troubles. That only aggravated him more, and led him to be more snarky than normal.
"So, what have we learned?"
"Don't bring strange men home?"
"No, who fucking cares who you fuck..."
"Don't play with weapons?"
"No, playing with weapons if fine, but if you have play around, make sure the chamber is empty and the safety's on!"
He looked at her as the outdoor light danced on her face. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying and her mascara was running. Part of him wanted to take her and rest her head on his shoulder. She had done that a few times in the past. But, seeing as how she was still holding a M9 Beretta and the cops would soon be there, he had no time to be sympathetic.

This is what I do with my free time when nothings on TV, stay up late and write.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some more old China Adventures

I found some old disks of all of the disposable cameras I brought back from my first two trips to China along with some old high school pictures (to be compiled later.) I just loaded them onto Picasa 3 (what an amazing little program Google's made with Picassa.) There was some emperial dress up, gazing out on the South China Sea off of a beach in Hong Kong and some white water rafting going down. Enjoy.

Anybody else notice that it was both the D-Day anniversary and Tetris' birthday... Probably not the best two things to memorialize on the same day... Ruskies and Nazis, and I'm showing picks from China (the irony isn't lost on me.)

My Weekend Crush

This weekend has the makings for an R-rated UPset at the box office with The Hangover. I'm just going to put it out there now, it will probably have something to do with Heather Graham... I have loved Heather Graham ever since the night I snuck out of my room as a young whipper snapper when my parents were watching Boogie Nights and saw Rollergirl... Where's the academy when you need them, a girl who never takes off her rollerskates, even during sex (I smell Oscar) Has it really been 12 years since Boogie Nights?

Anywho, I have to say The Hangover looks hilarious and going with the Roger Ebert 3 1/2 stars seal of approval (Plus the fact that the guy who directed it also directed Road Trip and Old School) I totally will be hitting the the theatre to see it this weekend. For now, enjoy some Heather Graham.

Anybody else remember the video for American Woman after The Spy Who Shagged Me? 

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Story - The Three Lovers Of Amelia

So I've had this huge idea swirling around in my head and so I've decided to get it out. I've created a blog that will have bits and pieces of what may eventually become a novel is I ever finish it. It's called Three Lovers of Amelia. Right now is a small introduction to the three main characters of the story. The story will be told in through each person's perspective. I'm gonna try to manage this fun blog and work on that one at the same time... possibly dropping bits of it here for your perusal. Check it out @ The Three Lovers of Amelia...

What else am I going to do with all of this free time, get a job?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Topic: Things We Do When We're Bored

So it's been raining off and on for the last couple of days and that's kept me inside the house... As a result here are some of the things that have happened since I moved back home (scratching the surface):
  • My spare TV and OG Xbox are sitting on my desk adjacent to my computer monitor... As a result I've been twittering and playing Star Wars: KOTOR II for the past 8 hours.
  • I took a break from KOTOR to get some breakfast and somehow got stuck on Lifetime... I watched an hour of some sitcom called Less than Perfect and now I've developed a crush on Sara Rue (Ginger Nut for the win.)
  • I watched Demolishion Man today for no reason other than to quote crappy Sylvester Stallone one-liners.
  • E3 has been covered on G4 for the last 2 days... I've been watching Steve Wiebe try to break the all-time Donkey Kong record... It's funny I've been clue glueing at all of these new games but I don't the money to upgrade to a 360.
  • I'm so lazy that I've been listening to Louis CK on my computer instead of filling out online applications... 
  • Even my dogs were lazy cause they couldn't go outside...

I have no explanation for watching Lifetime...