Monday, May 18, 2009

My Own Obituary

So I'm not dead... But for my one summer course I need to get my diploma. So to take time off from reading 2 textbook chapters A DAY, I had to write my own Obituary... Morbid, I know. Still, it was really fun to do (Even though the entire process was hurried and hindered by the professor.) Here it is. 

Patrick M. Barker, an Indianapolis, Ind. native who made a career out of traveling to and from China, died when the plane he was on fourteen days ago crashed in the ocean a thousand miles away from Fiji. He was 22. Mr. Barker, a graduate of Pike High School in Indianapolis, Ind. and Butler University in Indianapolis, Ind., traveled to China multiple times in the past six years. He kept a personal blog about his multiple journeys to China and wrote stories and personal anecdotes, or what he called “[his] daily misadventures.” His blog had a cult following.He is survived by his father and mother, Richard and Tanya of Indianapolis Ind.; and older brother, Thomas of Los Angeles, CA. Services will be held May 28th at St. Monica’s Catholic Church. There will be a wake followed by a screening of the film Road to Morocco, one of Patrick’s most liked films. The wreckage of Flight 815 has not been recovered; and the investigation into the cause of the crash that claimed all 132 passengers, including Mr. Barker, is ongoing.

Notice the little LOST references... I did that just for the nerds in the audience. I talk about this blog in it too. Gotta give it a little bit of truth.

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