Monday, April 27, 2009

The Big 150th Post: EXAM JAM!!!

So here's something awesome to show as my 150th post. I got to get incredibly close to the stage when Gym Class Heroes performed at Butler University tonight. Their opening act, Chester French were amazing... And, like most opening acts only the select few got there early enough to enjoy their set (which included a spot-on cover of Hella Good and a little teaser of Rage Against the Machine.) Gym Class Heroes was amazing, way better live than on their actual albums. They did a cover of the Deftones which was straight metal and they killed it...

Here are some of the best pictures from the concert, you can check out the rest and other stuff at my picasa page.

I was rocked far beyond the point of rational thought...

Monday Morning Demotivation

So I've been getting back into the habit of posting again. This is my final's week but it's gonna be a breeze. I'm finishing my term paper today and tonight there's a concert tonight on campus, Chester French and Gym Class Heroes... Get excited!! Now, to demotivate the week

This Week's topic: Steroids

I totally have a craving for some Powerthirst.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Blog Flashback: China Pictures

Here are some pictures compiled of my multiple trips to China.

It really annoys me when people pronounce it Chiner

My Guilty Pleasure Crush

So it's been a while, but being back to form I decided to share with you my guilty pleasure crush. Okay, this is going to sound sad, but I have a genuine massive crush on Katy Perry. Why, well come on, tell me singing a song about kissing another girl isn't the dream... Plus she has this cute Zooey Deschanel thing going, but with bigger boobs, which is definitely a plus. She may not be able to sing out of a cardboard box (I actually have her album on iTunes) but she is quite the preformer. Okay, diving into a giant cake is something normally reserved for Vegas strippers and entering the stage through a giant peeling banana is a Freudian wetdream. Mmm... Anyways, enjoy.

Seriously, what totally got me to love her has to be the fact that one of her singles is called Ur So Gay. Hilarious music video.

Ransom Shoes Strike Again

So I haven't returned the ransom shoes to Joanna yet. Here's another round of pictures taken on campus with the shoes.

The shoes may never be returned...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Without Troy

So my friend's Tom and Ewzzy have finished their movie Without Troy and it will be premiered next Tuesday. I'm incredibly excited for a few reasons.
  1. My roommate and I have a brief cameo in the movie
  2. Tom and Ewzzy are incredibly talented.
  3. I hung out in the edit bays with Tom and Ewzzy as they were doing their thang and there are little things here and there that I suggested that they did in the editing, not to mention that the tagline was my idea.
So here's the trailer of Without Troy straight from Vimeo. Check it out. Also check out to see production pics and more.

Without Troy - Official Trailer from Ewzzy on Vimeo.Without Troy - Official Trailer from Ewzzy on Vimeo.Without Troy - Official Trailer from Ewzzy on Vimeo.
Tom and Ewzzy were also responsible for Random Action, featuring my roommates Jeff and Steve. Check it out on Ewzzy's Vimeo as well.

Old Blog Flashback: Tips to Surviving China

Here are some tips for surviving in China (I went to China in Spring of '04 and '05 & Summer of '06 and '07 so trust me, I have a wealth of experience to work off of):
1. Make sure to bring toilet paper (NO matter what you do, bring your own toilet paper.) I cannot emphasize this enough. You don't want to get caught in a situation where you have no T.P. and have to squat in a squater toilet.
2. Bring a good antiperspirant...even if you don't sweat alot, it's better to have it even if you don't think you'll need it.
3. If you don't have a washing machine bring lots of's extra to use a dryer.
4. Bring some one dollar bills (you can barter for stuff with one dollar bills.) Also, don't put all of your money in the same place, if you have a sneaky thief that tries to take your bag, you'll still have some money, the same goes for your passport & visa, keep them shit's safe.
5. Bring a good rains off and on like Seattle.
6. Bring a Chinese/English Dictionary
7. Find a bar where they speak English, they give you booze, and they know where everything is.
8. Figure out what you're willing to eat ahead of time...if you decide to eat western food all the time you will spend lots of money
9. Bring a bag you can wear over the shoulder...harder to steal
10 . Have a jacket that is warm in spring time and cool during autumn.
11. Buy condoms before you arrive in China. You don't want to put your faith in Jissbon condoms, their mascot is a Condom with Ray-Bans on, he looks like a shitty Mr. Peanut.
12. If you know you sweat easily don't where clothes you are unwilling to sweat in.
13. If you have an attribute that attracts uncommon amounts of attention, be prepared to reap the whirlwind. You have to be able to laugh at yourself...'cause they definitely will be, and nine times out of ten you won't understand their insults.

The Continuing Misadventures of Ransom Shoes

Here's another slideshow of the ransom shoes. Got some great shots from some random Butler Locals... enjoy

If only I could get a shot with Blue II... rats

Will the Real Suburb Pat Please Stand Up...

So I've been doing this blog in it's current format since 2007, and my first blog started back in the fall of 2005. I've been on teh webs for a while now, and I would hope that the nickname Suburb Pat would be mine solely to claim. Well apparently I'm mistaken. There's some chubby fat guy disgracing the Suburb Pat moniker on youtube with a Gallon Challenge. Take a look for yourselves...

Dude, I've been Suburb Pat since 2003, and I have to say I'm disappointed. Chugging milk and referencing World of Warcraft is destroying my rep (what little rep I have). 

Old Blog Flashback: Tips to Surviving College

Here's an old blog posting I made back in 2007 a quick little guide to surviving College

This is a guide for any of you out there who are about to venture off into college...or what some people call "real life." Here are some handy tips to help ease your transition alittle bit.

Moving in/Around the Dorm
  • Ok, if you have a car and are free of your parents that's good, what we're trying to do here is get everything loaded into the car/truck/suv/van so you only need to make one trip... the less help you get from your parents, the better.
  • Depending on where you are staying, most likely a dormitory you will want to decorate... almost immediately. Most dorm rooms are a drab shitty off-white color, some don't have carpets (get one if your room doesn't have one... trust me) so bring some things to give it color: drapes, posters, calendars, tapestries... all good.
  • Now, certain colleges have dorms separated by sex, that isn't such a bad thing. Once you meet and greet some of the fellow dorm livers, venture forth and meet some females... it's that simple.
Day to Day Living
  • There are certain things you'll need that are necessary when at college. If you don't have a cell phone or some sort of a computer, get one. Depending on the college, not having one or neither can make things difficult.
  • Taking a shower is an interesting experience. Many dormitories have communal showers, meaning... you may see some wang. Don't Panic, it isn't the end of the world, all you need to remember after the initial spotting of wang is to look down and away. I'll say it again, down and away... act like you have something in your eye if you have to.
  • By now if you are not on a social networking website, like myspace, twitter, or Facebook, you may want to get on one
  • There may come a time when someone may come up to you and say hello, don't fret if you've forgot their name, its a common occurrence on a college campus, big or small. Here are a few things you can do if you forget a name:
    1. Say, "Hey" and shake one hand in a circular motion and look puzzled as if you are trying really hard to remember (you might be...or you may not care, this doesn't hurt their feelings). Eventually they will catch that you are having problems remembering the name and they'll say it...when they do so point directly and them and say their name either two or three times (try to place the name with the face)
    2. You can try the open approach and say, "Hey, um, oh I'm sorry what's your name again?" If you choose this way, try to sound sincerely upset about forgetting their name. They'll forgive you.
    3. If you are looking the more blunt way of doing so, as soon as they come up and say your name, make it obvious that you have no idea who they are. Saying something along the line of "Yeah, I don't remember you...did we meet somewhere before?" Now, this kind of response may come of as a dick move, but apologizing will make them think of you better.
  • It is necessary to have laundry detergent or a means of cleaning your clothes while at college. It doesn't take long for clothing to become musty, sweaty, and smelly. So here's the clothing rules.
    1. Underware should be worn once this goes for undershirts and socks, but if by necessity there is the occasion where you don't have either laundry detergent or means of cleaning clothes
    2. Shirts with witty banter on the front or back can become played if worn often, were sparingly.
    3. Wearing pajama bottoms to class is ok.
    4. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, wear ensembles sparingly, except in the winter
      • Wintertime rule: Depending on the temperature outside, wearing
        of hoodies or sweaters more than one is okay, you may want get gloves
        and maybe some earmuffs
Miscellaneous Tidbits
  • If you haven't figured out by now, cafeteria food sucks. Some college's food suck so much that it affects you in ways you may not have ever had the privilege to experience. Note: Buy Imodium or Pepto me.
  • Have fun...make friends in your hallway sports like: hockey, soccer, baseball, football, frisbee....BUT remember BE SAFE
  • Learn what classes you can skip and take lots of naps.
And above all else

Lollapalooza 2009

So Lollapalooza's list of bands have been annonuced for this summer and I have to say I'm psyched. What a post-graduation gift it would be to travel up to Chicago, camp out and see some of these bands. Here's the list of bands that are going to be there. I've highlighted the bands I really want to see.

Depeche Mode, Tool, the Killers, Jane’s Addiction, Beastie Boys and Kings of Leon
Also Featuring
Lou Reed, Ben Harper, Thievery Corporation, Snoop Dogg, Rise Against, Andrew Bird, TV on the Radio, Vampire Weekend, the Decemberists, Neko Case. STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9), Animal Collective, Band of Horses, Of Montreal, Arctic Monkeys, Coheed and Cambria, Ben Folds and Fleet Foxes.

The rest of the lineup is as follows:

Silversun Pickups
Kaiser Chiefs
Crystal Castles
Bon Iver
Dan Auberbach
Cold War Kids
Lykke Li
Robert Earl Keen
Peter Bjorn and John
Heartless Bastards
Federico Aubele
Dan Deacon
Passion Pit
The Raveonettes
The Gaslight Anthem
The Airborne Toxic Event
White Lies
Ra Ra Riot
No Age
Asher Roth
Los Campesinos!
Bat For Lashes
Gang Gang Dance
The Virgins
Amazing Baby
Portugal. The Man
The Knux
Ida Maria
Delta Spirit
Friendly Fires
Manchester Orchestra
Ezra Furman & The Harpoons
Miike Snow
Alberta Cross
Hey Champ
Sam Roberts Band
The Henry Clay People
Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam
Cage the Elephant
Living Things
The Low Anthem
Blind Pilot
Langhorne Slim
Other Lives
The Builders and The Butchers
Eric Church
Joe Pug
Kevin Devine
The Green Cards

That's a pretty sweet group of bands and DJs. I just have to say, Where's Bloc Party?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Misadveventures of Ransom Shoes

I cannot believe it's been months since my last posting. A few updates. This is the last full week of college; finals begin next week and commencement is on the 9th of May. I will be walking and shtuff, but I have to take one class in the summer. So that's what's what; I hope to get on here more often and keep up with this thing. Here's a little ditty to do just that. 

So one of the many womens who drop by my apartment left her shoes in the living room a few days ago. Being the crazy guy I am I decided to take them on a journey with me, holding them for ransom. Here's a slideshow of their journey. 

The shots near the computer are from when I was sitting in with Tom and Ewzzy as they finish working on their senior-project independent movie Without Troy.