Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something to tide you over with

So I'm sorry; I'm suffering from severe senioritis. I've been trying my damnedest to keep up with this thing (For the people who may accidentally click onto my page and enjoy what they see.) It is
very difficult. Well, I promise by tomorrow there will be two new posts... a crush for the weekend past and a demotivator for the week ahead.

Back to live action. So I mentioned in a rant last time that I'm not an Obamaphite, yet, and it seems that that fact has come back to bite me in the ass rather hard. So I mentioned one of my teachers cancelled class right? Well next class she asked everyone to raise their hands if they liked Obama... I of course didn't. Well she got pissed, and started fucking with me like it's my fault that I don't like Obama... Like it's a bad thing. I'm just way to cynical to let a celebrity take me in immediately. I made a valiant defense, but the 'Uberfem-werewolf Woman of the SS' wasn't having it. Then she brought up that Bush should be brought up on war crimes...

Well, lets just say I will probably be lucky to pass that class... which is shitty. I NEED to graduate and it shouldn't matter what my political affiliation is (Especially in a class whose emphasis is in Socrates and Aristotle!)

I swear that Barack Obama is The Master from Doctor Who... Where's David Tennant when you need him.

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