Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obamarama's over... Now let's all go back to work now.

Okay I am not the biggest Obama fan, I understand that the first black president is a big deal (after Bush, white people would go for anybody with a pulse (or not;)) but quite frankly I have to say it's gotten out of hand. One of my fem-teachers cancelled class so she could watch the inauguration with her friends, and others actually watched it with their students. My mom got a box full of Obama propaganda memorabilia this Christmas and ten copies of the New Yorker that was supposed to be racist because there was a caricature of Obama on the cover she even plans to go buy the Amazing Spider-man issue with Obama on the cover...  This is me being honest... If it hadn't been for the fact that Barack's middle name was Hussein and that he was from Illinois, I probably wouldn't know who he was, and if I had voted I would've voted McCain. Gasp... a black guy voting for McCain.I congratulate Obama for getting into office, I'm reserving judgement on him until I see what he does in office. Now, can we all spit out the kool aid and get on with our lives?

Truthfully I would have voted Kucinich if I could, did you see that dork's hot ass wife?

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