Sunday, December 28, 2008

Demotivate the Week

Let's face it... Emo is very real, you may be living with or near an Emo and not even realize... Use these Demotivators to check for Emo warning signs with the youths you encounter throughout the week.

Now in all seriousness... Girls can pull it off, guys not so much...

God, now that I think of it, Emo can be very depressing sometimes... to cheer us up, we'll look at the brighter side of Emo... the chicks.

If that didn't do the trick, here are some hover puppies for good measure.

To avoid the Emo, steer clear of graveyards.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas Crush

I hope you had a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate... On this fog filled Boxing Day I decided to empty my stalking and offer up an awesome array of Christmas goodies: Woman Parts!!!

Respectfully submitted for your perusal...Diora Baird. What is a smoking hot woman with natural 32DD's supposed to do when she breaks into the acting field? What else, play a stripper. For the college youths, you might remember her from Accepted with the Mac guy and that chick from Gossip Girl (Don't act like you don't know that show.) She was also in Wedding Crashers during that naked chick montage, she's appeared on TV and in a Pre/sequel to the reimagining of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I saw her recently and was immediately hooked when I caught the raunchy Canadian Comedy Y.P.F. (Young People F%#@ing) good stuff... Well ogle if you must, and Merry Belated Christmas!
It's safe to say she has no problems with her body.
This is definitely not safe for work.
Or This
Or This

Sunday, December 21, 2008

He's Back... (No He wasn't dead)

Go ahead and be pissed, but I'm back baby dolls. It's been a long time, Daddy's missed you... So I bet you're wondering, where the hell have I been? Well, school just got incredibly busy for me last semester... and it's taking all of my skills to stay afloat, and no to mention sane, and hopefully graduate this May... that mean's I'll be an adult in 5ish months time... Shivers everywhere... I blame demotivators... and Obama, and Britney Spears... and alcohol, and philosophy of science, and personality workups, lab rat experiments and beautiful scantly clad females...
So Whats on tap for 2009? Well, weekly demotivators, more weekend crushes, and more sillyness; 2009 is gonna kick some serious ass

Demotivator Theme of The Week of December 21st: Jailbait
You try your damnedest but you just can't look away
Merry Christmas!

Seriously, It's good to be back. Doesn't Office Space and teenage bewbs just make everything better?