Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Return to Form - My Weekend Crush (Deluxe Edition)

I had two big exams the past two weeks and my time was devoted to not failing them. A lot of things happened in the meantime; Diablo Cody won best screenplay for Juno and the Coen's ran the board getting the three top Oscars for NCFOM, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman fulfilled a personal fantasy with The Other Boleyn Girl. Well now there's an eBay auction for charity where you can win a date with Scarlett (Don't believe me, click and let the tears flow.) It's things like this that really shake my faith in humanity. You can win a chance to be her date to the premiere of her next new movie, not to mention free autographed DVDs (which will probably be back up on eBay the next day) and a personal note from her. Do you understand the epic-ness of this auction? This is like one of those bachelorette auctions but instead of some 6 or 7 you're arm and arm with a 10. I may sound a little jealousy, well it's because I am. Some lucky fatfuck with loads of cash and shitloads of free time is gonna be hammering down Hot Pockets and out-bid someone more deserving than him and we'll all have to stomach it because it's for charity. Okay, my faith in humanity is completely gone (I think my penis has already shrunk an inch in sadness.) Well, for all of use too poor to bid on Scarlett here are some of the best red carpet and formal dressed pictures...we'll always have the dream...some deep-pocketed assblaster will never take that away from us. Enjoy!!That may just be the best 'little red dress' I've ever seen, ever, fucking ever...sheer brilliance. Anybody else remember that gay fashion designer from E! who got the wild hair up his ass to squeeze her boob in that dress at a pre-Golden Globe Interview...I do. Pure Ballsy.

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