Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Extra Special Weekend Crush

This being my 100th post (Celebratory Cheer!!!!) I've decided to give you all a double dose of girls to ogle at this weekend; which means less talking and more females. For any of you who are in sweet anticipation of the new Get Smart movie we've got Anne Hathaway, Agent 99. I'm geeking out just because I remember watching the tv series with Don Adams and schoolboy-crushing over 99. My boyhood fantasy is being realized!!! There are things I could say right now, but you know...none of that really matters. I've also decided to add a couple of pictures of Megan Fox to this weekend's post. Now, I for one only find Shia LeBeouf's costar from Transformers mildly attractive, at best. But, for some reason that I haven't figured out yet, every guy, and some girls that I know, think she's the new hot shit. I for one am confounded, and am reaching out for answers. Okay, look at the close-up shot of Megan Fox, second down...Is she is or is she ain't a tranny? That's all I'm saying. Well enjoy!!!

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