Sunday, February 17, 2008

My (Almost not) Weekend Crush

Okay, I've had a lot going on; my mother got rushed to the hospital with gastroenteritis after having the flu last week so I've not been paying too much attention to the beautiful ladies as much as normal. I did happen to catch American Pie 2 on USA, horribly edited I must say. But once I figured out that was what it was all I could remember was the first one and a certain scene with Shannon Elizabeth. Understandable when most people think of American Pie they think of Jason Biggs thoroughly obliterating a pie with his willy. Oh, high school innocence, good times. I guess guys fucking pies is more appealing than girls more than half way naked doing the unnameable on a guys bed to his porn, but thats not my thinking. Anywho, I bet you're waiting for some whoppers...Enjoy my friends... (By the way...W(here)-T-fuck has Shannon Elizabeth gone to? She used to be in everything were boobies would be, now she's's sad is all...again, Enjoy
[2/19 EDIT] My precognition abilities must be heightened in this altered state of sickness. Shannon Elizabeth will be returning from obscruity to join the new cast of Dancing With the way she's beating Penn Jillette or Steve Guttenberg.

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