Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good, I'm not the only one thinking that.

I'm just glad I'm not the only one thinking Lindsey Lohan is on crystal meth. Have you seen her recently? The burnt nose tip is a dead fucking give away. Here's my LL confession. Back in senior year highschool, back in the day when LL was a Louisiana Hot Sauce red head I had a big fucking crush on her and her beautiful titties. Then I saw her when she became a dirty crack whore blonde and almost lost my lunch and I'm quite sure have of my sperm count. Interesting side-note, at senior prom I won a CD raffle and had to choose between Will Smith's latest single and LL's shitty album. Me being the horny teen went for the latter, worst decision, ever. You now, I can honestly say that Lindsey Lohan has become this millennium's biggest epic fail. Britney Spears is catching some steam, but I think things will turn around for her, or she'll just die. I think LL is gonna be around for a while...maybe Dr. Drew can get her on the next Celebrity, now that I think of it that would give her more publicity than I could stand. Anybody else remember when she used to be hot? Well, here are some then and now's for you to look at. Quick question: When is it right to tell someone they look like a choked out tramp...pre-snort or post? Answer: Anytime before they hang out with Paris Hilton...the one-eye enabler.

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