Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Weekend Crush

Leave it to Uwe Boll to complete ruin the career of a hot woman and destroy a video game franchise with one clusterfuck of a movie called In The Name of the King. Star power like The Transporter's Jason Statham could not save the Dungeon Siege movie from being one festering pile of shit on top of the other excrement that director Uwe Boll has created. He killed Bloodrayne with it's terrible departure from the video games kickass plot, suck the blood out of Nazis and shred them to pieces with huge blades. He's promised to kill the Postal video game and most recently is in post-production on a Far Cry movie adaptation.

Now onto my crush... I can barely remember some of the movies that Leelee Sobieski has been in since I saw her in Deep Impact. She was cute and was distinguished because of her look...i.e. her nose (which I love by the way) and her height. So when I saw that she was in Uwe Boll's assfuck I took notice and went to Google Images. Goddamn she got hot...considerably. I clicked on one thumbnail and fell out of my chair... seriously, thankfully my thick mane of lustrous hair protected my brain and allowed me to offer upon you this gift of Leelee Sobieski. I challenge all gentlemen (and maybe some of the ladies?) not to swear when you look at her pics...I swore a stream of potty mouthed obscenities when I saw a 'revealing' picture of her...christ, have I been missing 0ut. (Be on the lookout for Tricia Helfer in one of the pics...apparently they were in a movie where Leelee has to become a dominatrix...brilliance, sheer brilliance.) Enjoy

Interesting bit of trivia, Leelee Sobieski was nominated for an Wmmy when she played Joan of Arc in a television mini-series about the saint in 1999. Milla Jovovich also play Joan d'Arc in a theatrical movie called The Messenger which also came out in 1999. Leelee's performance was the better portrayal, Milla was just batshit crazy (doesn't mean she wasn't also great, cause she was.)

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