Sunday, January 13, 2008

My New Year's Crush and Weekend Crush

I've been enjoying my vacation and ignoring my blog...did you miss me? Now that I've moved back into my wreck of an apartment I'll give you my New Year's Crush and my crush for this soon to be passed weekend.

I got to watch quite a few movies during the holiday vacations. Monica Bellucci just so happened to appear in quite a few of them. I watched both Matrix sequels, then the Brothers' Grimm and Shoot 'Em Up...(good stuff) and she stole the scene with her raw sexuality. It was so hard to find pictures of her on the internet that weren't NSFW...suffice it to say that this woman is a looker. And in Shoot 'Em Up, she's a hooker.

I finally got a copy of Knocked Up and fell in love with Katherine Heigl again...enough said, looky looky.

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